“Barrel coat” re-made

Years ago, I made myself a winter coat loosely inspired by a picture I have seen but never found again of a 1950′s Balenciaga barrel coat.

jas1It was never supposed to be a faithful copy. I wanted and made a big collar and a back pleat. I always felt the whole thing had a vintage feel without really belonging in any particular era.

The old coat served me well for many years but has really reached the end of its life by now.

voor2So, I made a new one. The fabric is, of course, quite different and I made some small changes but in all the ways that matter, this should be the same coat.

zijAnd I think it will be. This is such a nice kind of coat, like a cocoon.

You can read more about it, with more pictures and some construction stuff, on my blog

Vintage Patterns, 70s, 80s, 90s

I’ve been searching Craigslist for sewing notions, patterns, and fabric, and yesterday I made a huge find!  For $20, I purchased over 150 vintage patterns from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

It’s been a lot of fun going through the patterns.  There’s a good selection of 70s and 80s dresses, women’s suits (pants/skirts/blouse/blazer combos), and skirts, as well as adorable little girls’ dresses.


Happy vintage sewing!

Vintage Jumper Country Style






My first Jumper ever… Made with the Burda Style Vintage issue and some cotton flanell fabric.

What do you think? Too much of a country look with the checks?

Imagine it with a black pencil skirt and heels…

More about the process you can find on my blog.


The New Look Suit

A very, very long project has reached its end, and a couple of weeks ago my suit and I walked the streets of Paris. My inspiration is the 1950’s, Christian Dior and the New Look.

StinaP New Look suit

StinaP New Look suitThe suit is in black wool crêpe and lined in emerald green viscose. The buttons are vintage (from France!). The deep shawl collar and padded peplum are hand worked, as are the buttonholes and the lining.

StinaP New Look suit shawl collarStinaP New Look suit peplumI’ve used lots of suits from the era as inspiration for the design, and the pattern was drafted by myself and my teacher. I’ve used multiple resources to find the best way to make it, the vintage way so to speak. You can of course read all about it on my blog!

Smoking Jacket

About a year ago my husband convinced me that I should make him a Smoking Jacket. We looked at a lot of vintage patterns, and finally decided that the best choice would be Simplicity 1758 View 3

Simplicity 1758

He purchased quilted fabric in golds and black. I worked on it much of the summer because I did a ton of hand finishing on it, and finally finished it a few weeks ago. It turned out quite lovely.

I am hoping to get my husband to agree to a photo shoot this weekend ;) Wish me luck!

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