Retro wrap top

This is a bit of an odd project: a 1950′s style jersey wrap top, made using a modern tutorial inspired by a  vintage pattern illustration.

1voorI found the tutorial here. No sloper needed. It says the design is for ‘up to’ an Australian size 12. I don’t really know what that is, probably the same as a British one… In which case I’m a little smaller. And I quite like the fit of the top. It’s the only waist length desing I’ve ever tried which stays in place when you sit down!

1Avoor2According to the illustration, you can also wear this top back to front. That doesn’t really work. It’s a bit uncomfortable and on me, there is extra length in the ehh closed side. That’s nice and practical when it’s at the back. At the front it just looks odd.

Anyway… As usual, you can read more about this top on my blog and if you want to make your own, follow the link above.


My First Vintage Make!

Hi there everyone! I’m Beth, I’m 18 years old, I’ve been sewing for just under a year and I have just completed my first vintage project!

I used Simplicity 2497, which I picked up at a vintage fair held at my town’s civic hall for £10. My favourite clothing era has to be the fifties, and I’m really excited I have finally been able to make my own 50′s style dress. I made a few alterations – shortening both the bodice and the skirt rather significantly (the skirt pieces reached my ankles!) , and left off both the facings (replaced with bias binding) and the sleeves. I love the button down front though, and the pleated skirt gives a cleaner look than gathers would have done I think. I am really happy with the finished result! (Apologies for my incredibly amateurish self photography…)


For more details, feel free to take a look at my blog. Thanks for stopping by! :)

How to Register and Create Your First Post

In the process of tinkering and upgrading the site, I realized our tutorial videos were woefully out of date. So I just rerecorded them (amateurishly, with frequent use of the word “so”). If you’ve been wanting to sign up and post on the site but haven’t been sure what to do, here’s the scoop:

How to Register to Post on

(…this one also explains how to change your avatar, add a link to your website etc…)

How to Create Your First Post on

Hunting for Simplicity 3302

I am trying to obtain a copy or an original of this pattern. I am willing to pay if someone has it and would make a copy for me. Looking for size 36 bust (18) or close to that. Appreciate any assistance.

Simplicity 3302

1930s Vintage Costumes for Theatrical Play & the Dance Floor

~ 1930s Vintage Costumes for Theatrical Play & the Dance Floor ~

By Tam Francis

I recently posted a new bog post about my adventures in sewing vintage. I usually blog about EVERYTHING vintage from swing dancing to classic movies, to sewing. I had the pleasure of making two costume for a play I was cast in and hoped at least one of them would transfer to the dance floor.

The first one I tackled was supposed to be a 1930s vaudeville outfit from a song called: Turn on the Heat! (I’ve got a video of the original 1929 clip on my website)

Here’s the pattern I used (with modifications), to attain the 1930s look. It doesn’t match the video exactly, but has the art deco feel I think?

pattern for Turn on the heat

I lost the collar and shortened it quite a bit. In fact, I kept going between the video and my garment, inching it up my leg until it looked sassy and theatrical. I couldn’t find fur so I had to use several feather fur boas. I didn’t want to do a hood, (like in the video) because of a quick change right after and no time to fix the hair-do. It turned out pretty cool I think and the director was thrilled! What do you think? Does it have a 30s theatrical feel? Does it evoke a touch of humor? Did you watch the video to compare? Have any advice on what I could have done differently?

turn on the heat costume

This is the success story, at least I feel like it is. The other dress: The Blue Dress, for my final scene, was an EPIC fail. If you’d like to see how that went wrong and what I learned in the process. Pop on over to my blog  about this crazy adventure in sewing!


Have you ever felt something you made has crashed and burned? Feel like you rip out more seams than you sew? I’d love to hear about here, or on my blog :)



Beautiful 1950s Vogue patterns

I purchased 5 beautiful 1950s Vogue patterns last week. I received them in the post this morning and I just had to share them with you all.

Vogue 458

Vogue 458








Vogue 274

Vogue 274








Vogue 231

Vogue 321








Vogue 638

Vogue 638








Vogue 1205

Vogue 1205








Yes, Vogue 1205 is a Schiaparelli pattern. Ahhhh! I own a Schiaparelli pattern!!!!!!! It didn’t cost me a fortune and it’s in my size!

As far as I can see patterns 458, 321 and 638 are not yet included in the Vintage Pattern Wiki, so I will add them when I get a chance.

I got these patterns for an absolute steal compared to what they would go for on etsy. They are all my size too!

I purchased these patterns to use them, so to avoid them being added to my stash and never actually made, I will make these up over the next 12 months. As I don’t have a blog, I will post the results here for anyone who is interested.

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