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Some ‘Swing’ Shorts

By on December 18, 2012

I know its a bit early in the year for shorts. Seems odd to be sewing them while its -6 outside but I shall explain.

I bought Eliza M’s Swing, Hop Pants pattern and as I had limited material I couldn’t make two ‘full length’ pairs and needed to do a test run through. So brainwave….I’ll just make shorts.

Made facing from some spare material I had left over from another project. I also used up my only zip the right length so will have to buy another one before I can start on trousers proper. I found the project came together very quickly. Even hand sewing and pressing properly at each stage it only took me a weekend and one day.

The most time was spent on deciding on what length to make the shorts. Ended up looking a bit famous five-ish with the longer length. For more pics and detail go to my blog.

Sorry about the rubbish photo’s hope to get decent pics when the weather warms up. lol!

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Swing Dance – Outfit Inspiration

By on April 5, 2012

About February time I started going to swing jive classes….

So I am looking for a good patterns for outfits that would give that 40’s feel but have a swooshy skirt.

I spotted this on a youtube clip of rita hayworth and fred astaire. (Wish I could dance like her) From the film ‘you never were lovelier’. [1942]

Now I’ve got to find a pattern for it….

Could I take a pattern like this (the pink one):

And convert it to a tie up blouse? (who’d have though its from 1979!)

Any recommendations, tips, advice?

Btw. I love the shoes! I do need to get some dance shoes.


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