As a resident of the United States, the probably-not-very-retro people at the Federal Trade Commission would like me to make sure you understand how things work around here.

I don’t accept payment to write posts and I’m generally a bit of a contrarian, so you can safely assume that any product or company I mention positively or link to is one that I genuinely think is noteworthy, rather than a shady operation giving me an enormous bag of cash to say nice things about them.

Some of the links I post when answering a question or giving advice may be affiliate links (for example: links to amazon.com) that enable the site to recoup some of our hosting costs when amazon throws a few pennies in our tip jar if you end up buying whatever the link pointed to.

Another example would be if I link to services we, as a site, use like Shopify (which hosts our online store). If you decide you like the service too and sign up for it, they’ll know we sent you and will be much more inclined to bring out the best china when we pop over for a cup of tea.  Rest assured, any time an affiliate link is used, it is because I want to link to that product whether an affiliate link is available or not.

The occasional affiliate link, sidebar ads for small businesses we love and the WeSewRetro shop exist to allow the site to contribute towards its own setup, maintenance, and expansion costs (have you asked a web developer for a quote lately? Youch.) so I don’t have to resort to singing sea shanties on a street corner with a cap in my hand in order to keep the lights on around here.

I hope you enjoy the site and the fabulous contributors who make it what it is. If you like what we’re doing here, sign up to join us and start posting your creations (don’t be shy – sewing people are super nice) or just tell a friend.

If you have a question, concern, or suggestion, don’t hesitate to drop me an email: katherine [at] WeSewRetro.com