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Quick Question on Techniques

By on November 25, 2012

Hi, All!
See how the printed pattern is placed at angles on the skirt portion of view “2,” giving it kind of a chevron design? I’m curious to know how that was done. I mean, I understand that the print natural is straight, based on how it looks on the top portion, so I’m wondering about the actual placement of the pattern on the fabric for the skirt portion.

Since I already have the pattern for a kimono sleeve dress of similar style, I don’t really want to buy another pattern just to find out. Thanks!

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Vintage Simplicity 7120

By on October 28, 2012

So, awhile back, I wanted to make this 1967 dress, from the vintage Simplicity 7120 pattern, which was this one:

But, it ended up being shorter than I was comfortable with, so I did some “fusion cooking” after I saw this dress from the 1930s:

So, I trimmed the dress with a teal colored bias tape, created pleated ruffles (so there wouldn’t be as much gathers as the dress in the picture above; otherwise it would have overwhelmed my frame), and attached them to the dress. The result was this! Note: Please excuse the hair; I was in a big rush.

Overall, I am very happy with my result. By the time everything was over and done with, the dress fit perfectly and hugged every curve. It actually took longer to create the ruffles and attach them, than to assemble the dress itself. If you’re an instant gratification type of girl like me, you’ll probably enjoy this pattern. However, I did not have a bullet bra, and this dress was designed to be worn with that. I dealt with this by tucking the pointy ends of the boob areas of the dress, and then sewed it flat.






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