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1950s Inspired Minty Bridesmaid Dresses – McCalls 6466

By on October 29, 2015

Last year I was honored to make 5 bridesmaid dresses for a dear friend of mine who loves vintage style as much as I do. She chose McCalls 6466, a super fun dress with TONS of tulle.


They came out so well, and I love the shape of the super full tulle skirt! This took dozens of yards of tulle per skirt, it was no joke, lol, but it was worth it. 🙂


We had to mix and match the colors of tulle to find just the right combination to match the other fabric, that was an adventure.


A friend of mine came and took a few pics while I was fitting one of the bridesmaids, it was fun to have some photos of the process!


All the ladies looked lovely (and yes, one of them was expecting!! We added a stretchy waist along the back, I was a nervous wreck until the day of the wedding, lol, hoping the dress would fit and remain that way!)




This is definitely a dress to twirl in!!


More pics and details on my blog here. 🙂

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Teal Polka Dot Dress for a Tea Party

By on September 2, 2015

I was invited to a tea party with instructions to wear a colorful dress, which meant, of course, I had to make a new one for the occasion. 😉

Butterick 5603

I chose Butterick 5603, and found just enough of the polka dot fabric to make the bodice, and paired it with a matching teal.

Butterick 5603

The bodice was a bit of a brain teaser, just because each piece looked so similar, it was a bit tricky to keep straight what was the front, back, left, or right! But I managed eventually. 🙂

Butterick 5603

Apologies for the wrinkles, pics were taken after the party!
Apologies for the wrinkles, pics were taken after the party!

All my raw seams were encased in rayon binding, which took a bit of time with all those skirt panels! But it’s worth it.


I certainly recommend the pattern, I really love the shape of the skirt! More pics and details on my blog here.

Butterick 5603

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10th Anniversary Dress – Vintage Vogue 1172

By on July 1, 2015


This project is actually a couple years old, I made it for our 10th anniversary, and we just celebrated our 12th this past weekend. Better late than never, though!

This was probably my first Vogue pattern, I was a little scared but it went together fairly easily!


The next year, I decided to add the cropped jacket, partly because I wasn’t completely satisfied with how the neckline and sleeves looked on me. I definitely prefer it with the jacket!


I made both petticoats I’m wearing as well…


and was lucky enough to find this vintage hat at a store!


I was very proud of this dress, it’s fun to swish and swirl in, and the silk fabric is light as a feather.

Lots more pics and details on my blog here. 🙂

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Bright White and Yellow Butterick 6175

By on June 24, 2015


One of the first projects I planned after giving up sewing for myself at Lent was this dress! It just took me a little while to get to it. 🙂 I had this yellow sweater, and when I saw the fabric at the store I knew they’d go great together, it was just screaming to be made into a dress.


I thought for a while about which pattern to use and settled on Retro Butterick 6175, an out of print pattern that I had seen and fallen in love with. Luckily I was able to find a copy close to my size on Etsy.


It was pretty simple to put together, the most involved part was the gathered sleeves. I’m very pleased with how they turned out!



More pics and details on my blog here. 🙂


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My First Pencil Skirt!

By on February 11, 2015


I’m excited to have finished this little project as it represents several firsts! It’s my first make of the year that counts towards my Vintage Pledge. It’s the first time I’ve made anything out of either of Gertie’s books (I have both). It’s my first time sewing a lapped zipper, which, thanks to online tutorials was fairly straightforward.


It’s also the first time I’ve made a pencil skirt at all, since I tend to gravitate towards the opposite extreme of very full skirts. It was a nice change not to have to spend tons of time hemming yards and yards of fabric! I’ll definitely be making more of these. 🙂

I added a fun houndstooth lining, I just love little surprises inside garments.


I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this one!


More pics of the inside and outside on my blog here.

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Red Poppy Dress

By on January 29, 2015

This is a dress I made as part of my travel wardrobe last summer! I love the red poppy print.
The bodice was made from a modern pattern (Simplicity 1803, from their “Project Runway” line), but I think the dress still has a very vintage feel. I got the fabric on a trip to France a couple years ago, and used it to make a dress in time for our next trip to France!


More pics of the dress, inside and out, on my blog here. 🙂

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Old Hollywood Costume Aprons

By on January 14, 2015

I had an interesting request last month from someone who is opening up a theme party venue for kids and teens. One of the themes is Old Hollywood, and she asked if I could make 15 costume aprons for teens based on iconic dresses like Audrey Hepburn’s little black Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress, Marilyn Monroe’s white dress, etc. It was a project right up my alley! I did several based on specific dresses, and then the rest were just retro inspired fancy dresses.

Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Marilyn Monroe – Pink Dress while singing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Bes Friend”
Marilyn Monroe – Iconic White Dress


Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

There are more on my blog. 🙂

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