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Retro Kids

By on September 18, 2018

There really isn’t anything cuter than a baby rocking a vintage style.  For all my friends who are having children, I have gotten into the habit of giving them handmade clothing for their showers.  Here are a couple I have completed.

Made from quilters cotton at about $25AUD/m this dress and panties took almost the whole meter but I think has a really pretty vintage look.  I love nappy covers.  Generally I could use less fabric on a pattern like this but the striping ment that I had to lay peices in a certain direction.  The ribbon used was left over from a previous project.


This little beach set turned out amazingly.  I love the bright cheerfulness of it.  The fabric is just a Spotlight cotton spot and the buttons are also spotlight.  I lined the whole thing in cotton lawn to seal and finish off all the edges.  The hat is a basic tulip hat trimmed with the same button and a small piece of cross grain ribbon that I already had in my stash.



This tuinc and pants set I think worked out really well.  The splash of blue is just enough to break up the starkness of the black and white prominent in the bunny print.  From memory the bunny fabric was also about $25/m and the blue cotton $10/m but the 3mth size took hardly any of that fabric to make.  The top is fully lined in a cotton lawn and I use flat buttons on the back to avoid having anything stick in uncomfortably on a baby who can’t move much.

There are more details on my blog


Happy Sewing

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1960s | Vintage Sewing

A question to the community

By on March 20, 2017


I hope this sort of post is allowed. I am planning costumes for a play that is set in the late 60’s. I was wondering if all the experts I see on here could suggest there favourite “tarty” 60’s look or pattern if you have one in mind. What colours would you use? Also bare in mind that I don’t have the legs to pull off a proper 60’s mini skirt or hot pants look.

I am thinking of going with red as it seems the universal colour for tarts in popular culture (not so sure if it was in the 60’s though). I really am just after whatever inspiration you could afford me.

(mod please delete if not appropriate)


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The Elvis Dress

By on February 7, 2017

This dress was made from a 1950’s original pattern.  I can’t locate the exact one but I believe it was a mail order pattern.

I call this the Elvis dress because even though it looks a little stripy it is actually small images of Elvis’ face.  Purple isn’t normally my colour but I could not resist this fabric, a quilting cotton.

I really like the fitting details of the bust darts and the box pleats as well as the fact that it fit right out of the pattern (bust 36) and continued to fit even after I put on a lot of weight.  I was still able to wear this part way through my pregnancy, seriously the pattern is like the magic fit all!!

For more details you can check out this post on my blog

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Vintage Sewing

Another Historical Vintage

By on February 1, 2017


This is another of the historical costumes that I made in the Victorian era.

This one uses TV462 the tail bodice from 1883 and a simplicity costume skirt.  The bustle is made using a pillow.

I wasn’t as happy with this one as some of the others, not that it doesn’t look good – but I think I could have made it better.  Perhaps I was pressed for time or maybe I am just to scared of over doing it that I hold back to much.

What do you think I should have done to jazz this one up.


Thanks For reading and for more info please see my blog

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1960s | Dresses

Beatles Dress – a simplicity reprint

By on January 22, 2017

This dress was made using Simplicity 3833 a reprint from the 1960’s.  Its a simple shift dress with some interesting detailing in how it creates the bust darts/fit and with options for top stitching to enhance the features.  I think the dress would look great in block colours like a 60’s mod look but I used a quilting cotton that was part of a Beatles collection – called yellow submarine.

Unfortunately I don’t quite fit the dress at the moment but hopefully this year I will see that zip shut again.  For this reason you see the dress modeled by Mavis my dressform.  The fit of this dress is really flattering.  Unlike some shifts it has enough shaping in the waist to give a real pleasant silhouette without being “clingy”.  I made the short version and I warn that this version is very short, if I were to make again I would use the longer option.

For more details you can visit my blog 🙂

Happy sewing.  My machines are in service now so hopefully I will have some more current projects real soon.

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Vintage Sewing

So Retro its Vintage

By on January 18, 2017

I am just getting back into blogging and sewing after an extended hiatus and found myself reminiscing on some old projects. Both of which are Victorian in style.

The first is Ageless Patterns #1478 an amazing dress.  I do not recommend Ageless patterns to the weak of heart as it took a lot of fiddling to get it even close to fitting but the end result was totally worth it.

Fabric is a green Taffeta with cream crepe and a stretch lace overlay (nightmare lace).  The entire bodice is flatlined in denim to give extra body.

For more details visit my blog

The Second is a mix of Ageless Patterns and Truly Victorian.  If you are planning on making a vintage look like this I would very much recommend Truly Victorian over Ageless patterns unless you have experience with drafting.  Ageless is still presented in its original dimensions and that means the waist to bust ratio is crazy meant for people who spent a lifetime waist training and squishing their internal organs into places they had no business going.  Truly Victorian on the other had has one of the most amazing fitting systems I have ever seen.  They are easy to use and create the right silhouettes for the period whist accommodating modern requirements.

The brown material is some sort of taffeta burnout fabric and the beige is a duponi silk which was a dream to work with.  The overskirt and underskirt came together very easily and were quite comfortable.  The bodice (which is the ageless pattern) was harder but like the dress above well worth it.

further details here


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1950s | Dresses | Vintage Sewing

Avengers Assemble

By on January 9, 2014

I just wanted to share with you all what a little vintage flare can do for costuming.

Last Easter some friends and I dressed up as the avengers for a role playing convention. But with a sweet vintage twist. By using a vintage 1950’s reprint (Butterick 5603) pattern we created our favourite superhero’s super classy.

This pattern is one I would definitely recommend, the fit and style are so flattering and with 3 neckline choices there is definitely something for everyone.

For more information you can check out my blog


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