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A man’s sport shirt with rockets

By on January 26, 2014

Unlike most of my vintage-inspired sewing projects, this one isn’t from a self drafted pattern, but made from a late ’50s – early ´60s sport shirt pattern that mysteriously existed among my sewing patterns. The fabric is from a Scandinavian fabric store chain called Stoff&Stil and with such lovely ’50s style rocket ships I just had to have it. Lots of it, it has this far been turned into bed hangings and a wrap dress for my daughter Maja, a dress for me and this shirt. It’s not much left, but it will be turned into a pair of shorts for my eldest daughter. Photos of these things are, or will be when they’re finished, over in my blog.




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1940s | Vintage Sewing

A dress for the beach

By on July 31, 2013

Since I’ve spent quite a lot of time at the beach lately I got the idea that it would be nice to have something pretty to wear when you’re having a break from swimming and play with a frisbee for example. or when you yourself has finished swimming but your kid haven’t and you walk around at the water edge. Or you can put it this way: An invented need is also a need 🙂
So hubby and I went to a fabric store and I bought the red polka dot fabric. The blue fabric, the ric-rac and the buttons I already had. The buttons are from the Salvation Army and probably from the 70s.
My inspiration was play suits and beach wear from the 1940s, as you can probably see, but I used patterns I had made myself. It turned out a little big, but my main concern with this dress was not to show of my figure, but to make something comfortable, so that’s okay. And pretty.

Posing in the sun on my balcony


There are more pictures over at my blog.

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An early 1940s dress

By on July 19, 2013

Right now I’m not making dresses because I need (whatever you mean by that) them, but because some time I have to make something out of all of that fabric. This is an old cotton fabric, probably as old as from the 1940s. I drafted the pattern myself, but it is based on late 1930s/early 1940s fashions and sewing patterns.


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A yellow 1940s suit

By on September 8, 2012

Since I had worn out a spring/summer jacket that I inherited from a friend seven years ago (that she had made and used for a couple of years) I decided to make  a light jacket from what I suspect is mostly polyester in a diamond twill pattern this spring.  My inspiration started with this  illustration from a 1948 Swedish pattern journal.

That jacket had raglan sleeves and was obviously inspired by the New Look, so in the end what I got from it was primarily the collar and the decorative stitching,  while I changed the sleeves and added visible buttons, making it look more like a late ’30s or early 40’s jacket. You can read more about it and see more pictures  in my blog . Since I had some fabric left I also made a skirt, which was finished yesterday. And this is how it turned out:



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1940s | Dresses

A 1940s wrap dress

By on August 29, 2012

I guess everyone has a few well-tried and modified patterns that they use again and again. One of mine is a 1940s pattern with pleats at the shoudlers and under the bust gives the shaping. My pattern is self-drafted, but I looked at the back sides of many 1940s pattern envelopes to get the shape, so the only difference betwen my pattern and an original is that this one fits me – with my long torso, large bust and relatively narrow shoulders. Then I decided to make a wrap-front version and that is one of the staples of my pattern collection.
The good thing with a few standard bodice and skirt patterns that fit you is that you can mix them to get many different looks; this time I went for a slightly gathered skirt and I also made a new type of sleeve, which I got from Janet Arnold’s book Patterns of Fashion 2 and which was taken from a dress from 1936.

The blue 40s wrap dress

Details of the sleeve and its pattern can be found at my blog.

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