Vintage Sewing

Sleeveless Jacket or Sleeveless Dress…Your Choice!

By on June 15, 2016

Just wanted to share my…- could be viewed as a 1950’s/1960’s sheath dress-or 1950’s sleeveless jacket-or if you add sleeves it could become a trench coat-… creation! 🙂

1950's jacket and dress

I lined it with a lovely leopard print fabric for a little extra fierceness and some happy gold buttons down the front.


For the pattern and instructions (plus more pictures), feel free to hop over to my blog!


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Vintage Sewing

1930’s Inspired Summer Blouse

By on May 30, 2016

I was really inspired to recreate a 1930’s one piece top that I had seen in a picture….so I did!  I made it out of some silky plaid fabric I had lying around my sewing room, and even though it proved tricky at times to hem, it is the perfect weight for the summer.  To see the pattern and tutorial, please feel free to hop over to my blog!




Have a wonderful Monday everyone!



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