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Petticoat Dilemma

By on November 9, 2012

Hello Friends!


I have been a long time reader but I’ve never actually posted before but I finally need some collective advice!

I found this pink ballgown at a vintage shop and I whipped up a pretty substantial petticoat for this dress. I knew the pink “bustle” in the back would need some significant support so I designed the petticoat to have about a dozen shorter, thicker, fuller layers of netting in the back and the front has a flat  panel and then two layers of support around the bottom. The effect I was trying to achieve was that the front would lay relatively flat with just a little support and the back would have that gorgeous bustley look to it and the pink fabric would drape well.


Well, the petticoat was ok…but not really what I wanted. The pink fabric is really quite heavy and kind of droopy. As you can tell from the front I got that gorgeous bell shape but I am just not getting the back to work out.

Suggestions? Do you think I need to stuff the bustle itself? Add bones to the petticoat? Has anyone experienced something like this?  The fabric itself loops under to make the bustle shape.


There are a few more pictures here though I don’t think I have any detailed construction photos at the moment.

Thanks for your help!

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