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Summer of Gingham (McCalls 6339)

August 7, 2017


I just finished my second gingham project of the summer, McCalls 6339 from 1978.  I’m pleased with how it turned out.  It is comfortable and has some interesting details, like flat-felled princess seams, self-bias binding on the bottom edge of the blouse, and a darted, then gathered full skirt.  For more details and photos, please visit the sewing blog that I share with my husband: Mr and Mrs Rat

  1. That’s a beautiful dress! Having the separates is so nice – if you wanted to I’m sure the skirt would look lovely with a white blouse. For some reason it’s harder to imagine the blouse with a white skirt though. White pants come to mind but I haven’t seen pants on your blog yet so maybe not your style. 🙂 I was thinking about gingham – and seersucker gingham in particular – earlier this year. Is this seersucker? It looks like it from the photos but hard to tell. If so did you find it cooler than other fabrics you’ve tried?

    1. I only own one pair of pants—I just find dresses and skirts so comfortable to wear. I was thinking about your question about whether the gingham is seersucker, and I’m not sure. It does have a slightly puckered texture, so it may be. I think it is as cool to wear as any of my other cotton clothes. I have a gingham blouse I made out of cotton voile, and it is a bit cooler, since it is so lightweight. Thank you for the compliment on my dress!

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