Need Christmas dress help!!!!

December 2, 2016

Hey ladies!

I am coming to you Dames of Design for a Christmas Miracle. As a plus size woman I am looking to make a full skirted 1950’s style lace cocktail dress for my office party. I am overwhelmed with all of the dress patterns while at the same time not really seeing what I’m looking for. It is really important to me that the silhouette be period correct because I will me wearing vintage foundation garments. If you have made a dress in a style that you think mmight work for me or know of a pattern that is available please recomend and post pics. Its a plus if they have a digital download as I have to have this baby made by the 10th. To show my apreciation for your help I am willing to give the person with best sugestion this free out of print 1960 Vogue pattern.


  1. I love the look of that pleated upton dress Allie j shared – could it be done by treating your lace and lining as one? I’m not sure if the bulk would be tricky or not w pleats.

    By vintage foundation garments do you mean you are going to have a high bust point…? And so would need to adjust any of these modern patterns if you chose one?

    I think wearing a modern bra, girdle if you wish, and petticoat w one of the more modern but vintage-look patterns might give you a more vintage but also practical outfit. Lengthening the hemline or even just making a very deep hem might help too.

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