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Simplicity 4827: Maternity Skirt & Top

April 3, 2016

I finally got round to making the skirt and top view from Simplicity 4872, which looks to me late 50s/early 60s. I know vintage maternity patterns aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but after extensive research online I really couldn’t find that much that had been made up for me to look at. So if you’re considering making vintage maternity clothes this may be the post for you.


I should really say at this point that I have never used a pattern with hole punches marking different parts of the pattern (i.e. darts etc) – is there a name for this sort of pattern? Truth is, I’ve always been a little put off and scared by them. It seems a little bit silly now I have used one, as there’s no difference really once you follow the instructions!

IMG_20160331_195200I added some vintage style buttons I had from an old issue of Mollie Makes magazine and voila, my top was complete.

The Completed Outfit

To say it makes me look huge is an understatement, but here it is in all its glory.

Needless to say we had a good old laugh when we were taking the photos and in the end I gave up even trying to make it look good.

The truth is, the skirt has to have a lot of material because it’s cotton but it does have the unfortunate effect of making me look about twice the size.


Alas, all was not lost. I actually quite like the top, even if I would rather never wear the skirt.

So I went and put a pair of my skinny mat jeans on and it looked quite good. In fact, I will be wearing it without a doubt.

If you’d like to read more about the process and let me know what you think, please visit my blog www.staceystitch.com


  1. I love the raindrop print! I made a couple of 1950s maternity tops when I was pregnant, but I always wore them with skinny jeans or knit pencil skirts for this very reason. Those woven skirt patterns are NOT designed to make you feel good about yourself. Haha

  2. When make making maternity pants or skirts with a woven fabric, use a knit panel in the belly area. It cuts down on the bulkiness of the garment. Love the top.

  3. i love the raindrop print as well, and also like your button choices! I believe unprinted patterns used to be just “patterns” but then the new snazzy “printed patterns” came along and outdid them in popularity. If I’m looking for this style online, I’ll usually search for “unprinted pattern” or “perforated pattern” and usually do well enough in finding them. I like them because they’re often cut at the factory and I’m lazy, ha. Also like them for use w/ tailor’s tacks.

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