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Retro Butterick ’60 B6242

April 18, 2016

Hello All,
Finally got my sewing mojo back in order. Now that spring has sprung here in Vancouver, BC, it’s put a little extra pep in my sewing foot.
I love retro patterns. They’re just are so classic and elegant and when worked in a great fabric…BAM!
There was a pattern sale over at my local fabric store, like I need more patterns, picked this one up as it looked fairly easy to construct. I found a nice cotton fabric over at IKEA and knew the two were meant for each other.  The fabric has a bit of optical illusion to the pattern so I planned the pattern piece layout.


The cummerbund is interestingly crafted.  There is a waistband piece and the cummerbund part is cut on the bias, gathered up and then stitched onto the waistband.  The waistband sits flat on the inside of the dress.  Also, it creates more stability and structure because it’s a snug fit without a girdle!

The sleeves have darts.  Love the darts!


It was an easy sew up apart from the miles of gathering in the cummerbund and skirt waist.  Forgot that I don’t like the task of gathering that much.  However, I have found that I am much more patient and willing to hand stitch much more than I used to.  Zippers now are always hand picked in.

I’m really pleased with the outcome.



Best part is it fits perfectly and it got rave reviews at the office!


Highly recommend this pattern.  Looking forward to making it again in the slim skirt view.  I have some more fun IKEA fabric waiting!

Thanks for reading.  Looking forward to posting more of my retro adventures soon.



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