a sporty suit

April 17, 2016

pakThe magazine¬†Beyer’s Junge Mode featured this casual capri suit on a page dedicated to summer fun in and near the water… It does seem like the kind of thing to wear when you go sailing, don’t you think?

dichtI’m not much good around boats though and I didn’t have that much time for pictures so I modeled the suit on my tiny balcony.

uit2The pattern is from 1956. I made toiles for both pieces and ended up taking the trousers in by about a dress size. I didn’t change much about the jacket. It is supposed to be a loose-fitting design so I’m fine with how wide it is. I did add pockets though.

This is also my third project for the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge.

As usual, you can read more about it, and see more pictures, on my blog.

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