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A Lemon Dress (Gertie mashup)-Sewn by Ashley

April 29, 2016
Also, my girl, Lily Rose.
Also, my girl, Lily Rose.

I’m having a serious love affair with Gertie’s latest line of fabrics. I swear, this lemon fabric screamed “BUY ME!” I heard it. To make things even Gertie-er, the pattern is from her newest book.

One bodice, so much structuring.
One bodice, so much structuring.

The bodice is her sweetheart strapless bodice, and the skirt is the three-quarter circle skirt. In honesty, the combination was ripped straight from her recent makes. Did I mention I knocked this out in two days? I’m a slower sewist, so for me, that’s huge! For more info, check out my blog, Sewn by Ashley

    1. I love the book, and obviously the fabric!!! They go up to a size 16, but that’s close to a RTW 16, not a normal pattern size. I usually cut a pattern size 12, but here I did a 6, my normal dress size

      1. Could you tell me the size of the RTW 16 ? I have seriously hunted the inter-webs trying to figure out the sizing for the book, and I came up fruitless. I even left a comment on Gertie’s blog! Thank you do much, your dress has made me want the book to work for me even more 🙂

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