vogue 6879 – a big plaid dress

March 13, 2016

I think like a lot of sew-ers, I seem to keep buying the same pattern over and over, well not the sam1e, but the same style, I am generally drawn to

16879 – a line dresses (pockets a bonus)

2 – empire line

3 – funnel neckline





and this pattern had all three.  I also had some plaid leftover that had just made a disappointing skirt, and as I looked at thrown over mannequin, I thought it would make a better dress.    I managed to squeeze the dress pattern, and I put the hem line as near to crease of knee as I could – this is the hemline that seems to suit me best as I only really wear flat shoes and I think it gives a flattering proportion to me anyway….



The cut didnt take long, and it was a quick sew.  I attached the lining to the panels as it seemed the most straightforward approach.  Its a great pattern and I would highly recommend, although the only drawback (and its minor) is the cut of neckline and sleeve cap does make movement slightly restrictive, so not really a dress for housework!


  1. great job matching the plaid up on the back there! I think this dress is a great use of a strongly patterned fabric – its simple shape complements it well. If this is the sort of thing you like to sew, I hope you post more of your makes! I love seeing more ’60s stuff. I have a funnel neck sleeveless shift I really want to make up from the same time but it’s on the way distant backburner as of now … it’d be a heavy material, and here in my area we’re just moving into spring. 🙂

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