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1920s Silk Blouse and Pleated Skirt

March 11, 2016
1920s blouse, skirt and cloche hat

After admiring everyone else’s achievements last year for A Stitching Odyssey’s Vintage Pledge I decided that this year I was going to join in. My own pledge was to challenge and push myself with my sewing. I’ve just finished my first outfit for the pledge, a 1920s silk blouse and pleated skirt. I created the pattern for the blouse by tracing around a simple silk top I already had and then making my own adjustments. The pattern for the skirt was McCall’s M7022 pleated skirt which I lengthened to a more suitable 1920s style.

1920s blouse, skirt and cloche hat

I used a beautiful Pre-Raphaelite inspired green and purple floral silk for the blouse which I bought from the fabulous ClothSpot and this was my first challenge. I’d never worked with silk before so was really, really nervous about starting it and I put it off for about four months. The Vintage Pledge was just what I needed to force myself to be brave and just get on with it. As it turned out there was nothing to worry about!

Pre-Raphaelite inspired silk fabric

I added vintage, probably early 20th Century, jet buttons to both the front of the blouse and at the side to close the band around the bottom.

1920s blouse, skirt and cloche hat

The skirt is in a black cotton twill that I dug out from my stash. I’m not overly happy with it, mainly because the fabric is all wrong for the style of skirt, it’s way too stiff. I’m not sure if I’ll try and adjust it or just make a different one.

If you would like to read more about how the whole outfit and see more photos feel free to pop over to my blog. And while you’re there why not check out my latest post where I’m running a giveaway of £40 to spend on fabrics at ClothSpot. (Giveaway ends midnight 20th March 2016)

  1. What a gorgeous outfit! And I love the rest of the ensemble that you highlighted on your blog. The blouse is just lovely and I adore the button details on the band and center front. I can just see you in a filmed mystery series set in the 1920s. You’d be perfect as the sleuth.

  2. A really beautiful outfit. I love the blouse, the fabric is just perfect!
    Always love to see more down-to-earth-outfits apart from silk-flapper-party-dresses.
    greetings, ettet

    1. I love the everyday wear of the 1920s and much prefer it to the glitzy evening gowns. The way they were designed and constructed was very different to modern clothes so it pushes you to learn more about the way fabric behaves.

  3. Said it on Instragram but I’ll say it again – you look divine! It’s refreshing to see a 20s outfit that ISN’T “Gatsby inspired,” you pull this look off well. I know what you mean about regretting fabric choice, but in photographs your skirt looks no less lovely.

    1. Thank you Lauren! Yes, as much as I love The Great Gatsby book the whole fashion-led thing since the latest film really irritates me. There was far more to 1920s clothes than sparkly evening dresses.

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