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Now with flare

January 18, 2016

Last week, I was looking at some pieces of corduroy in my stash and realized one, a very dark brown fine-wale version, had stretch. Immediately, I thought it could become one thing only: 1970’s style flared trousers.

3So, I made the trousers. I used a pattern I had drafted last year for a pair of jeans and just added a lot more flare to the the lower legs.

5Although I hardly ever try for a 1970’s look, I know it is one that suits me. I also seem to have a lot of things in my wardrobe which lend themselves to the look. The tweed jacket, for example, is one I made years ago (as in: pre-blog…) with the intention of making it look 1950’s (which it does, when worn with a skirt).

And I secretly quite like to finally be able to wear this big hat to good effect…

As usual, more about these trousers and more pictures on my blog!

  1. Love your flares and jacket and hat… Yes I’ll have the whole outfit! Lol
    I’ve been considering dressing more vintage and sewing from vintage patterns but couldn’t decide on an era. 50 s are too poufy skirted for me, a bit too ladylike and costumey for where I live, 40s are nice but I really can’t afford the prices of the patterns and again the dresses are very dressy. I don’t like the 60s, but I never thought of the seventies! Okay some things are just out there, but a lot of it has come back in.
    After seeing this, I’m off too shop some seventies style patterns! Thankyou for inspiring me.

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