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Butterick 7653 – make all the dresses!

January 25, 2016

I’m sure I’m not the only WSR sewist who sees a fabulous vintage pattern and needs to make all given variations of a dress! This pattern, Butterick 7653 was that pattern for me. For ages.

I was initially attracted by the elegant neckline, both back and front, and the pleats on the slim skirt version, such simple details.

Butterick 7653 pattern

I started with this project in 2013…the pattern is a size too small, so that held up the works a little and I’m glad I didn’t rush it. By the time I decided to tackle it again, I was more confident, and had more experience in fitting for my body, and lining dresses, and it was a quick and easy make. I think I had some kind of fitting-to-body mental block!

So, here are the results of this particular sewing dream, the slim skirt version is my favourite, I made it in a polyester crepe, navy blue with white polka dots.

Butterick 7653 complete tall

I love this dress!

Butterick 7653 complete nice darts

Those pleats..

Butterick 7653 complete nice neckline

…And the neckline…

Butterick 7653 complete 2

I wore this to my husband’s MFA graduation, and we went out for a coffee after (thanks to babysitters…) and it was so fun to wear and, well, I just love it!

On to the full-skirted version. I didn’t quite have enough fabric to make the skirt as full as required, I had a couple of metres of this lovely silk from a friend, and it was perfect for this dress, the drape of the bias neckline especially, so I went ahead with it.

Butterick 7653 finished front neckline detail

I added a waist-stay to this as the skirt was fairly heavy, and I added little bra-strap holders as the the neckline is so wide.

Butterick 7653 finished bodice and skirt detail

I went for wide box pleats on the skirt, and tried to reproduce the look of slim skirt pleats, which were slightly overlapping, as you may be able to see from the pattern envelope illustration. I think this worked reasonably well, without adding too much bulk in the waist area.

Butterick 7653 finish nice shoulders

And while I was short fabric for the very full skirt, adding a petticoat helps to re-create that gorgeous 50s silhouette.

Butterick 7653 petticoat

Here’s the back of the dress…

Butterick 7653 back finish tall

Do you have favourite dress pattern? That you have to keep making? I don’t know if I’m done with this one yet.

Butterick 7653 finished tall twirling2

I accessorised with my nana’s flower hat and gloves, and some old rose style earrings.

Butterick 7653 accessories2

More photos and the story on my blog of course xox

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