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Christmas Outfit – Sencha from Colette

October 26, 2015

Hello ladies!

I know it’s not even Halloween yet but I’m already thinking about what to wear for Christmas xD

A few days ago I found this golden Satin-y fabric in my stash which didn’t look cheap at all. It’s not the polyester kind which is often used for cheap Halloween costumes. I think it’s cotton? In German it literally translates to “cotton-sateen” or “cotton-satin”. Basically, cotton which was manipulated to look shiny and then woven like satin (it’s called Atlas here.)

So I thought, why not use it for something that looks more festive. The past couple years I only wore loose fitting sweaters and a pair of sweat pants to Christmas. We’re notΒ  very formal during the holidays. This year though, I asked if we could go somewhere to eat or if we could cook something nice and big.

Yadda yadda, we’re still going to stay at home but I decided to be all nice and fancy anway.

I chose the Sencha blouse from Colette. This is my third time makin this blouse and yet I still make the same mistakes!

If the sleeves look odd to you…well they are. I don’t have the mojo to change them right now but I eventually will.



The bow and bias tape were handsewn entirely. I mean it. I sat infront of my laptop, netflix running with Thor II, and I patiently handstitched the bias tape together with a slip stitch ( I hope that’s what it’s called in english JΓΆJ )

skirtsencha2Unfortunately, despite all the ironing, the crease in the front seams to be permanent πŸ™ Oh boo…

skirtsencha3The buttons don’t match, even though they’re vintage. Right now I’m on a tight budged (end of the month, eh? ) and can’t afford to buy new ones. Any ideas what would look good? I’m thinking of buttons resembling a gem stone. Maybe crystal or diamonds?

skirtsencha7Somehow those half-darts don’t do it for my bust. I think I’ll go back and close them completely. The blouse tends to slip up and the extra fabric gathers around my bust, making it look extra large and unproportional πŸ™

skirtsencha skirtsencha9The skirt was also made by me. Simple pencil skirt with a kick pleat in the back. It’s made of a very thick wool, it nearly feels like fleece. Which adds an extra 10 pounds and looks very unflattering, but it’s so warm *Γ–* And…aren’t we all extra chubby during winter anyways?

I also gave up to look like I can fit into my old size 8 clothes anyways. Why not enjoy my new sie 12, eh? xD At least I can squeeze my waist in to look extra hour-glassy….even though I can’t breathe! xD

The gloves are vintage and the snood was made by a dear friend πŸ™‚


Hope you like it!


Greetings from a surprisingly warm Germany! xD

  1. Your Sencha is wonderful! I’ve given up wearing mine because of the sleeves. and bust darts. Your version has inspired me to re-visit with a high waisted skirt!

  2. Back in the 1950’s, good proportions were valued more than a small size… I think we should go back to that πŸ˜‰
    And anyway, you look great in this outfit and I love the styling!

    About the fabric: I would call this cotton-satin in English too (I’m Dutch so not a native speaker either). The term “satin” actually refers to the weave, which creates a smooth shiny surface on the right side of the fabric. As a result, you can find satin made from many kinds of fibers, the most luxurious being silk and the most common the nasty polyester stuff you referred to. Most cotton satin is fairly stiff and heavy but you clearly found a thinner variety which works very well for a blouse.
    If it really is 100% cotton, you should be able to iron it at a hot setting using lots of steam. That might work to get that crease out but I would definitely try it on a scrap fits.

    As for your issues with the pattern: Hemming sleeves like this is always annoying. No matter how careful you are those hems stretch because they are sort of on the bias in an already shifty fabric. And then when you wear the blouse, your shoulders change the line of the shoulder seam which puts a new kind of pressure on those hems. I’m not sure I would go back and re-do them. Unpicking satin is risky.
    And then the fit: Judging from the picture of the back, the waist length is actually too long for you (at least at the back. That is common if you have a shorter waist length bust larger cup size than the pattern was intended for or it could be related to posture) and the hips too narrow (If you stand straight up with your arms hanging down, that center back opening should go down in a straight line from neck to hem). Those two things combined make it ride up and bunch at the waist.

  3. Oooooh, I just had to leave a comment! I love the whole look, blouse, skirt and belt, and especially the festive snood! Love it all!

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