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Giveaway: Cheap Chic 40th Anniversary Edition

September 4, 2015

Let’s celebrate the long weekend with a chance to win a fashion classic that will help you cultivate your own signature style!

Cheap Chic
Cheap Chic is a great vintage fashion title coming back into print for the 40th anniversary. With a brand new introduction by Tim Gunn, Cheap Chic is the ultimate fashion bible, full of hundreds of timeless tips and tricks for developing your own unique look. Originally published in 1975, this little book has been inspiring designers, attracting fashion lovers, and gaining a reputation as a cult classic for decades now.

Whether you’re a lover of designer labels or a master thrifter, Cheap Chic is about cultivating your personal style on any budget. There’s advice for stocking up on must-have items, interviews with icons like Yves St. Laurent, and fabulous photos of stylish celebrities from Greta Garbo to James Dean to Cher. Packed with style ideas and shopping tips,Cheap Chic is a go-to for fashion inspiration – both a fascinating artifact and a timeless style guide.

To win your very own copy, just leave a comment below telling us what you’ll be doing this weekend. Could not be easier to get your hands on this fashion classic! The winner will be drawn Sunday the 13th of September. As always on WeSewRetro, this giveaway is open worldwide. 

  1. Entertaining a guest from Canada who has never been to NC before, presenting home food preservation demonstration for a local farm life museum, as well as try to sneak in a little sewing if time allows.

  2. This weekend for me is all about family and sewing…and worrying about my son who is attempting AGAIN to ride his motorcycle from Pennsylvania to Newfoundland, Canada. (last year’s attempt ended in a crash and broken arm in Happy Valley Goose Bay, Newfoundland and some of the most amazing people up there who helped him get home.)
    Family is picnics at my SIL’s house on Saturday. Friends, family, food, and adult beverages. And corn hole!
    Monday is the first dinner my folks are having in their new home to celebrate a long drawn out move.

    Sunday my husband works, and I have one ENTIRE day to myself to sew!! Woo hoo!! A Mickey mouse skirt for myself and a wool coat for my Mom for her birthday. Oh Yeah!!

  3. I’ll be going to a Renaissance Festival! I’m so excited! I made a pleasant dress for my 8 month old to wear so she will be dressed up for the festival like her mommy and daddy!

  4. I’ve got a few projects that need one last thing–buttons on a dress, that kind of thing–so I want to finish those up. Then get back to my quilt projects, which I’ve been neglecting lately.

  5. I’ll be trying to finish a pair of vintage shorts before the weather gets too cold to wear them! …And also modeling for the Palette and Chisel’s Labor Day drawing marathon. Woohoo!

  6. I will visiting the charity shops of London with my fiancé. We will be visiting several charity shops. I will be looking for vintage clothes that I can restyle for myself. I end up w/ a great outfit, and the charity ends up with more money.

  7. I’ll be driving back home on Saturday after a holiday in Austria 🙁
    So I guess Sunday will be about laundry, groceries and hopefully a bit of sewing and catching up with friends at the local climbing hall.

  8. What a cool giveaway! Never heard of this book….and I thought I had all the vintage books like this! I will be swimming this weekend, last hurrah of the summer. Perhaps cleaning the chicken coop, of course, some sewing and general debauchery. Oh, and a grand motorcycle day trip to somewheres yet to be determined….

  9. My plans – Sharing allotment ideas with other folk in the area and getting ideas for next year. Picking elderberries and blackberries with a friend.Sewing two commissions
    pracising welt pockets and researching tailored jackets and cutting the pattern pieces out. Only the first two are definites! The story of my weekends.

  10. What a great book!
    I have a couple of hours off to sew with a local sewing group this morning, then a 2 year old party Sunday, then I’ll be spending time with my kids while my partner works.

  11. I’ll be trying to organise my things before moving for university on Sunday! Hopefully I can fit in a tiny bit of sewing to alleviate the stress!

  12. I’ll be painting, sewing a doll for a commission, and celebrating my dad’s b-day! Also hoping to dash out a quick pair of red leggings, but the weekend looks fairly taken!

  13. My weekend, for better or worse, will be spent in hospital recuperating, however I am doing it in style with my 30’s silk satin lounging trousers and 40’s pink nylon bed jacket. I have always wanted to wear them – be careful what you wish for …. I have a few of my 50’s Australian Home Journals for company xxx

  14. I’m finally going to tackle those linen shorts my mother asked me to make her two months ago! She’s in her 80’s and is my Vintagechic inspiration!!

  15. This weekend, my husband and I will be spending Saturday loading up a rental truck full of brush and cut up trees to take to the area yard waste yard. I would bet Sunday will be spent recovering from the day of madness that happened on Saturday. Monday is the day I am looking forward to. Some great sales, my husband has the day off giving him a 3 day weekend, and I am in the mood to shop! I would love this book, and if I don’t win it, I know to keep my eye out for it in the thrift stores we frequent!

  16. I plan to organize my sewing area, and get to work on some new patterns I just bought today. I can hardly wait to get started

  17. This weekend I’ll be finishing my Spider web print 3/4 circle skirt, I love to mix my style of Halloween, skulls and spider webs with my love of vintage fashion. Then I’ll be hunting down the next pattern I want to make a 1940’s dress.

  18. I’ll finish my Simplicity 2444 dress (red with black and white dogs) and go on knitting my vintage inspired cardigan that will go perfectly with my circle skirts. <3

  19. I plan to start my weekend taking a yoga class at the YWCA in Winston-Salem, NC. this morning.

    Then head over to the Farmer’s Market to purchase some vegetables.

    Later I will bake some brownies and freeze most of them. (Since I don’t want to be tempted to eat too many at once!).

    On Sunday I hope to go for a short jog, then read a few chapters of a book and take a nice afternoon snooze.

    On Labor Day I hope to cut out a vest pattern using a purple double knit (for my grand daughter to display her various badges. I will also cut out a matching skirt.

    Of course, I don’t want to do too much on a holiday so will play with my cats a lot!

  20. For this three day weekend, i have a stack of projects! first i have a sweet blouse with a large bow and a red pencil skirt to finish! Then i plan on gearing up for fall and making a fitted pair of pajamas out of a cozy knit fabric. Then i plan on making a fully length glamours robe from luxurious dark red rose fabric! And there just might be a glass of wine or two in the mix somewhere 🙂

  21. This is a busy weekend for me! Today, Saturday, I joined an animal shelter adoption event, since I rescued a dog who now needs a loving family. Tomorrow I’ll help my mother in law to sew some cushions for a bench. And on Monday (it’ll be a holiday here in Brazil) I’ll take my rescued dog “on a date” to meet a guy who saw his add online and maybe (fingers crossed!) will be his future loving dad. Finally I hope to have some time for my family and I’ll prepare a simple, but delicious, dessert. And of course I’ll be dreaming about this fantastic book…

  22. A mixture of gardening (possibly in the rain), working a few hours in my favourite (and local) fabric shop, and coming home to sew – what more could a girl want?

  23. Spending the long weekend harvesting the last of summer vegies, and relaxing :). Slipped in a little early morning sewing before the kiddo got up!

  24. Husband just came home after 2 weeks away, so will be enjoying his company again and also working on sewing a Victorian costume.

  25. Hi! This weekend I’ll be taking my Mum out to lunch for her birthday, (dressing up in something vintage of course), followed by cutting out my next sewing project – a 1930s inspired day dress – to get ready for the upcoming long hot Summer here in Australia.

  26. We drove from Trois-Rivières, Qc, to Old Orchard Beach with a bunch of friends to enjoy the end of the summer making sand castles

  27. Sewing of course:) !0 BIrthday gift for adult son whose day is 1 1/2 weeks away.
    2)Planning and selecting fabrics w/my daughter for their nursery /expectant grandchild. 3) taking apart an retro 70’s floor length skirt and making myself two peasant blouses…..:)

  28. Giving a birthday dinner for my sister, so probably lots of cooking and eating. Hopefully will find some time to cut out the pencil skirt that I want to make – the material is calling to me…

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