Another vintage Franken-pattern, a jumpsuit based on Vogue 6435

September 7, 2015

A couple of years ago, I swore that jumpsuits, house pajamas, but not onesies, would be the way of the future. It just took me a while to make my own! And I’m in love.

Vogue 6435

I made version ‘B’ of this pattern, Vogue 6435, earlier this year, and loved it. But it was really only suitable for warm days, the height of summer. Un/Fortunately, that was not good enough! I needed more, and I needed them fast.

Vogue 6435 bodice

So, I teamed up the pants with my go-to vintage kimono blouse pattern and voila! This is my dream outfit. Can’t stop wearing it!

Vogue 6435 tall2

It goes perfectly with my cape made from the same fabric, so I am very happy.

Vogue 6435 tall3

With the cape…

Vogue 6435 and cape

It was not smooth sailing with this project, and I have more details and photos over on my blog of course. I cannot wait to make another one!

Vogue 6435 and cape detail

Happy sewing, Angela xo

  1. This color suits you very well! The … Gathered hem? Closed cuff? I have no idea what you call the bottom of View A, but it reminds me of I Dream of Jeannie, albeit much more demure up top! Is the pattern from after ’65?

    1. Oh thanks, I’m having a bad time with my hair, it’s over due a cut.
      This is mostly just heaps of backcombing all across the front and top…I found some good tips in a vintage hair style book. Also it’s very thick so ‘body’ and ‘boffyness’ is usually easy to achieve 😉

  2. Never would have thought that a jumpsuit could look so elegant, I love it and I can’t remember having said that about a jumpsuit ever 😉
    love, ette

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