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1930s Cotton Butterfly Day Dress – Butterick 5764

September 3, 2015

I was able to snag this pattern, and loved the variation of the dresses.

butterick 5764

I wanted to make this a true 1930s day dress for view C, so I constructed the dress of a quilter’s cotton. I wanted to keep the natural drape of the collar, so I made that piece of a poly peachskin.

butterick 5764 fullI made a few changes, and there were a few challenges with this pattern. One change I made was that I added a slight elastic waistband instead of making the belt. Some of the challenges included having to make a back yoke as the collar did not come close to reaching the back bodice. Also, the french cuffs were designed to be very small, the construction was odd and the end result was not practical. I ended up just scrapping them, and making a keyhole construction while keeping the gathers at the button cuffs. You can read more of my trail of tears here.

butterick 5764 close up

I fully lined the dress, and am most pleased with the finished product.

butterick 5764 side

  1. I have a couple Butterick Patterns from the same time period and I’ve always wondered what they’d look like made up – I’m very glad you shared your project with us! It looks more graceful on you than one would expect it would be from the envelope. Quite lovely!

    1. Thank you! I know most of the drawings on these patterns are on the slender, long angle. In reality, just in my experience, if you’re a bit heavier in the hips…the drape is usually better. I hope you decide to make some of what you have. I would love to see what you come up with!

  2. Lovely dress!
    I always find it difficult to translate those sleek drawings of the 1930’s to garments on real people. Thank you for showing, once again, that it can work out really well!

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