1. Sorry to sound so cranky, but the picture don’t really show any details. Looks like a basic four-gore skirt from here. Bugger. That being said, you are absolutely dead-on right about a white skirt being perfect for summer.

    1. Am I not allowed to post a 5-gore skirt? Do I need to hire a professional to take detailed photographs of my skirt? Next time I’ll be sure to utterly waste an hour of my precious time on the internet,!which is wasting away this western world, describing the whole “basic” skirt I drafted.

    2. Anne Louise Bannon that was just the most rude comment, and your tone was unfriendly, unsupportive, discouraging, and hurtful. This blog is a supportive environment in which the creators of vintage inspired clothing should feel safe and welcomed to share as much or as little of their process as they please.

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