Simplicity 4260 Simple to Make Dress with Wonderful Neckline

July 30, 2015

20150727_182955-1Hello, all, this is my first posting on We Sew Retro.  I follow the Cennetta, at http://themahoganystylist.blogspot.com/, and she led me here.

The pattern’s awesome neckline first caught my eye.  And it has POCKETS.  That would’ve been enough,  but I spotted the notch in the kimono sleeve, and I was sold.

The dress is described on the pattern envelop as: “Simple to Make” dress has short kimono sleeves and bodice underarm section for freedom of action. Concealed pockets in flared skirt are optional.”  Pockets optional?  Not in my world.

20150725_145051 (2)I wanted to make a 1950’s style dress for this year’s Sausage Fest at Anaheim Brewery .  It’s a local event with a Rockabilly band, and lots of 1950s style on the guests.  Big, gathered skirts aren’t a great look on me, so I like that the pattern’s flat at the skirt’s waist like this one.


I'm crazy about this neckline.  Is it a W? An M?
I’m crazy about this neckline. Is it a W? An M?

I got my fabric at Fabric Depot in Portland.  I love green, it makes my hazel eyes stand out.  The fabric is 100% cotton, green lattice with small black leafy fronds.  It wasn’t till I was laying out the pattern that I read the selvedge and learned that it was a Mary Engelbreit.

This was my first time sewing a truly vintage pattern, and it was a pleasure.  The instructions were clear, and the line drawings accurate.

I make a 3/8″ high back adjustment, 1/2 ” swayback, and took off 1 1/2 inches off the hem.  There’s no darts, just a large pleat at each front shoulder, and four smaller pleats on the front and back bodice.  No FBA?  Why, yes, this is Simple to Make.

Freedom of action - bias sections under the arm.
Freedom of action – bias sections under the arm.

It doesn’t call for interfacing, but I added it to the bodice facing.  Then, when it was time to sew the buttons and button holes, I went, huh.  Should’ve interfaced down the front of the skirt, too.  So I cut some strips and steamed them in place.  I skipped most of the topstitching, since this pattern has plenty going on.

FB_IMG_1438049923464 (2)It wasn’t till I wore it that I realized how effective the bias sections under the arms are.  Just a little give when you reach for something. Freedom of action, baby, yeah!

My dress and I had a blast at Sausage Fest.  Here’s me photo-bombing the lead singer, Amber Foxx.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I love the neckline too, and your fabric choice. It looks like a comfortable dress to wear. Nice job and so cute.

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