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Pink Gingham Dress

June 1, 2015
I used a pattern for a cute party blouse that I’d found in a German sewing magazine –Der Neue Schnitt from December 1957 – you can see it pictured below. I chopped the blouse at the waist and then added a skirt –at first I thought I’d give a try to one suggested in the magazine but I was afraid it would be too obviously vintage. I opted instead for a simple one that’s sewn together out of seven panels: three broader and four narrower ones. They added up to a nice half circle skirt (in all honesty, I could’ve just cut a plain half circle skirt from my fabric but… where’s the fun in that?).


The pattern for the bodice was, as usual, a bit large in the bust area and, which is in turn unusual, it was a bit large at the shoulders. This proved to make some wrinkling I didn’t suspect as it didn’t show when I was making a muslim. I’m in the process of making another dress out of this pattern and I decided to size it down and lower the shoulder seams this time.


I finished the guts of the dress with my own bias binding, by hand in part (the neckline) and I’m really happy with how that looks. So neat! I still need to replace the zipper with a white one. I wanted to finish and wear the dress as soon as possible –obviously! –only to realise I’d run out of white zippers. Please tell me this happens to everyone else?


You can see more photos on my blog!


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