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Flowers and Stripes

April 5, 2015

Hello Lovelies!

I was finally able to finish this dress. Quite a while ago I started sewing the top part but then stopped due to lack of motivation. Now that my finals are around the corner and I’m so very tired of learning, I decided to whip up a skirt pattern and finish the dress.

Barefoot this time as it was sunny and warm outside. I would wear this dress with simple white heels or wedge sandals, also in white.

The back isn’t all too interesting, but I wanted to show you anyways. The dog is called Egon and yes he sits funnily but that’s due to an injury he had a while back (I think he was more interested in the neighbours than the camera ;D )

Close Up of the unfinished dress but the photo shows the patterns and the piping quite nicely. Also, aren’t my Lumpy Space Princess brooches too cute? 😀

Another close up from the night I finished the dress. Buttons, piping, pattern and my amazing new nail polish!

Aaaaaand another picture because “me likesta!”:


The pattern was made entirely by me. There is pink piping around the collar and button closure as well as the sleeves and on the pockets. The waist is quite loose fitting but is gathered by a rubber band. I still need to make a belt but as long as I can get away without, I won’t ;D All in all it took me about 2 days to finish this dress minus the pattern construction.

There’s not much to talk about actually. Everything went smoothly and I didn’t have any problems while sewing. Huge bonus point when making your own patterns 😀

I hope you like it! I wanted an easy, slightly casual (yes this is casual for me xD ) everyday dress. Nothing too poofy or fancy. And I love the print! Hopefully the fabric store has some left. I really need to make a skirt out of this fabric. It doesn’t even wrinkle! *Ö*

Hugs and kisses from Germany,


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