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Play Suit in February.

February 25, 2015


So I haven’t posted things in ages since I’ve been insanely busy with costume studies school. But I managed to make this adorable 40’s inspired play suit.

I drafted the pattern myself for the 40’s week in period cutting/Ladies wear class.
I decided being as it would be fitted to myself and I am not all that comfortable in crop tops I would make a one piece with a sailor collar after researching old 40’s pattern covers.DSC00875

Since it is reading week and I have a much deserved break as we are building for two shows at school. Nothing Scared and Our town so 1860’s and the Edwardian Era, we have a class of 8 girls so it’s an experience in it self on top of our regular homework.

I originally did my play suit in a muslin which was fitted by my classmate. I had to make a few changed, like lengthen the back inseam by 1.5 inches and take the waist darts in on the bodice to match the darts on the attached shorts. and adding an extra inch of length at the waist so i don’t get constant wedgies.

DSC00876I used quilting cotton that I tried to dye Tardis Blue is textiles classes but could not get it dark enough in the vat despite the sample working.
You can slightly see the polka dots on the original fabric as it was cream with slightly darker polka dots. The sailor Collar is polka dot as well and I bias blinded the edges. The belt matches the collar and I found this adorable hook and eye in shape of a twisted sailors rope. so fitting. Its zippered up the back and with a 3-4 inch break from the top where i used an hook and eye to close the gap. Hard to get a decent photo of the back when your working with the 10 second timer.


Sadly I made this when I was about 10 pounds heavier, so it is little more loose then before but it’s super comfy and I can always take it in once summer comes. since I wish to loose a couple more pounds.

And since i had some time I decided to curl my bob up, I tried to put in some victory rolls but it didn’t cooperate and did my make up for the first time in about 2 months.

Thanks Kristina.

  1. Cute playsuit. There seem to be a lot of crop top ones around but I wonder who actually feels confident to wear those beyond the garden and the beach.

    Oh, and I know about the wedgie-issues with one-piece bifurcated garments like this…
    Been there, learned that 😉

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