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Vintage Support for the hourglass

January 3, 2015

So as I’m doing the HSF (which is now historical sew monthly) and the first theme is Foundations I thought I’d try making a 1930s/40s bra (and girdle..but that’s another subject). Anyway started with the pattern in Vintage Lingerie by Jill Salen. I sort of combined both patterns. I draped the basic pattern.


Below is the result.

supfit1 supfit2I found the resulting pattern peices didn’t quite match the shapes of the original.

brapatnTo cut a long story short I made a mock up.

mockup1 Now I found a few issues caused by I think maybe having too much elastic at the back and  having such a difference between bust and underbust measurements. It was gapping at the underbust and I was a little worried about ‘migration’. So I added a drawstring to make the band more snug. Which is different from the originals.

mock up backYou can see from the back view how low the band sits and how it might be unstable.

Has anyone else here made up either pattern? Have you upscaled it to a larger cup size? Do you have any suggestions of modifications that might help the fit?

I think when finished it will end up as a bikini top. lol!

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