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The WeSewRetro Sew & Tell Facebook Group

January 15, 2015

Most of you are probably aware of the WeSewRetro facebook page where we highlight some of our favorite posts, but we now have a facebook group too – the WeSewRetro Sew & Tell – where you can post a quick pic to show off what you’re working on, share fab finds or ask questions of your fellow vintage sewing enthusiasts.

I’ve kept the group secret until now so to encourage you to try it out, the first 5 people to join and post a photo of the vintage sewing project they’re working on will get a prize mailed to them (anywhere in the world) from me. Might be something from the WeSewRetro shop, might be something from my senselessly large personal collection of vintage sewing goodies – I don’t know, but it will be vintage and sewing related that’s for sure.

Why have a facebook group? This blog is and always will be the heart of what we do, but I hear from so many subscribers that they’re a little scared to make their first blog post. Not everyone is a blogger, but likely many more of us know how to quickly throw a photo up on facebook. I’m hoping the facebook group will give our potential blog contributors the courage they need to show their work to the world! Maybe you just want to ask a quick question of your fellow vintage sewing ethusiasts and a whole blog post seems like overkill? Our community is full of talent and the group is a great way to pick those brains.

The group is set to ‘closed’ which just means that once you ask to join, you wait a little bit to get added and then only the other members of the group can see what you post there. This is useful if your friends and family aren’t quite as obsessed with sewing as you are – they’ll never see anything you post to the group so you won’t be flooding their feed with patterns and dresses and fabulousness. Also, joining a group doesn’t give the group or any of its members access to anything on your private facebook profile so no concerns there.

If you’ve never joined a facebook group before, it’s super easy. Just go to the group page and look for a button that says ‘Join Group’. Here’s what it looks like on a mobile screen…


…and on a desktop…


Come on over and show us what you’re working on!

  1. Hi! I’m not going to use facebook any time soon – never say never. I hear too many stories about identity theft and how many times facebook has been hacked. I sometimes wonder about it, but it is not worth risking our identities. I would hope that you do keep the blog as I’m much more comfortable with that. I’m still hoping to sew something so that I’ll be able to post. Until then I’ll continue to lurk and read. Thank you.

    1. Don’t worry Kathy – the blog is not going away! 😀 There’s no substitute for a big beautiful blog post when it comes to showing off your makes.

      The facebook group is just another way to get your WeSewRetro fix – we’re also on twitter, tumblr, google+, pinterest etc so people can keep in touch using whatever venue they happen to prefer.

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