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Rosemary Dress — a free pattern

December 30, 2014


I decided to make a present for myself after Christmas has already passed and here it is, a dress I called Rosemary, based on a pattern from Der Neue Schnitt 5/1952 –number RK 35113.

This particular magazine came to me without the key and with just one pattern sheet. So if I wanted to sew this gorgeous thing, I had to trace all the lines on the sheet with my finger to find the right pattern pieces. Let me tell you that took long. But it was worth it. When I finally did find it, I decided to scan it and trace it digitally and I made it into a downloadable pattern. Head over to my blog to get it. Merry Christmas.

The sewing process was easy peasy, even with no instructions I just followed my gut feeling and it went smoothly. The pattern is also well fitted which actually means that it is a bit too loose for me, as it is intended for bust measurement of 92 cm/36in (and I’m more of an 88/34in). But I actually like that because it makes me feel I can easily move around in it, which I intend to do a lot of during the New Year’s Eve.

For more photos and a full story of this dress, head over to my blog.



  1. Ah, thank you. I will download it, I love the collar. Well done this is very pretty and such a sweet design. I love 6251 too!

    1. Oooh, please let me know if you ever decide to sew it up! I’d love to see it on someone else :).
      Yeah, there are some other cute dresses there but alas, I only have one pattern sheet – called “Bogen A” and “Bogen B”. 6251 is on Bogen C so no sewie :(.

      1. Is this done to scale, I don’t know much about PDF patterns really. I suppose I will have to print it on a large scale printer?

        1. You can definitely print it out at home, using a normal A4 printer. That’s how I did it and it turned out ok. The way I printed it out was by using the “poster” setting in adobe acrobat while setting up print –it’s in the table to the left of the miniature drawing. And that’s it, I did nothing else. Then you just have to match the lines on the different sheets of the print out by overlapping the paper by 0,5 cm I think (just so that the lines of the pattern meet, they don’t need to overlap). It might be a little tricky, I know… probably would have been better if I had some help preparing this pattern but we gotta go with what we have for the time being! Hope this helps a bit! Let me know if you still have questions.

    1. Thank you! I normally wear what is currently a S or M or 36-38 and in those older magazines it’s usually the 88 size. This here is 92 (a size larger) and it’s ok even if a tad loose.

  2. Oh thanks so much! You did a really nice job with this dress. Did you use something in the hemline for it to flare out like that? I normally use horsehair braid, which is what I most likely will use when I get around to making this dress.

    1. I actually didn’t need to use anything for the hemline to flare out because the fabric I used was quite thick and so hemming it by folding twice stiffened the skirt nicely. A horsehair braid is a great idea for lighter fabrics though, I’lll probably be using it next time I sew this dress, thanks for reminding me of that method :).

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