Pauline Trigere Coat – Mc Calls 7520

November 28, 2014

Last spring, I was in a charity shop and I saw a coat for 2euro, I was amazed as the fabric quality was great, but the cut of the fabric was right from the 1980s and had humungous shoulders….. anyway I got it, and over the next few weeks bought some more coats from the bargain rail and it pretty much started me thinking on about – remaking/refashioning clothes, all the limitations of fast fashion, and the shocking amount of what ends up in charity shops – and my blog started from the coats really

mc call 7530This is the second of the 6 coats to get remade.  The first was the jacket from this pattern which I was very pleased with, so I thought the coat could be a good follow-up.  Making the coat was not as straightforward as the jacket, and I had to compromise on a few things (addition of cuff, and coat length), and the fabric quality was not as luscious as the last coat, and has also stitch marks left by patch pockets.  However, I did get to wear it, and like it (camel is not a colour I wear, and I am now converting – it looked great with jeans and black sweater)

before after copy


There are a 2  issues, the first is the previous patch pockets left some marks which I hope will ease in time, and I will re-steam the coat in a few weeks and they may lessen.  The second issue is I notice the fabric absorbed some water from being splashed when I wore it out, and the water soaked immediately, and dried within 20 minutes.  For the 20 minutes – the splash marks looked like grease marks and the coat looked grubby (and I didn’t feel quite so classy in my new coat).  I don’t know if the coat had some detergent used on it at some time to make it so absorbent, or if camel wool does this (which I doubt) – so I am now considering spraying some scotch-guard and seeing if this will help!


  1. Is the fabric wool? You can add a bit of vinegar to the water you dab on before steaming, and that will help to ease out the stitch marks. Doesn’t work on plant fibers (cotton, linen) because they don’t like acid, but helps on protein fibers (wool, silk) which do prefer a lower pH.

    1. wow, thanks for that, i will try that for the vinegar. the coat is all wool. the only other remedy i could think of was ice cubes on wool rugs after furniture marks!!! coat is resting for the moment, so will try a spritz of vinegar, brush and then put in steam cabinet in a week or so…..

  2. What a great blog – I hope other readers of Sew Retro will make the jump and check out your very inspiring upcycling projects. And this coat is so chic!

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