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Cropped Hawthorn Blouse

November 10, 2014

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An age and a half ago, I spontaneously bought some gorgeous vintage poly-cotton online without giving much thought to the fact that it was a very limited 1 yard long. Luckily, when One Week, One Pattern came along back in September, it inspired me to finally put my fabric to good use! Using this Coletterie tutorial, I just about managed to squeeze a cropped Hawthorn out of it.

Cropped Hawthorn Blouse

Sometimes it really pays off to be patient and hoard fabric for the ‘right’ make. In this case I think my fabric and pattern combination is a match made in heaven. I even found the perfect vintage buttons for it in my stash. Overall, I’m smitten with the 1950s vibe of this cropped blouse.

Cropped Hawthorn Blouse

Cropped Hawthorn Blouse

As always, more information and pictures available on my blog – A Stitching Odyssey.

  1. Gosh, this is so gorgeous, I totally agree about the perfect match of fabric and pattern. And you look awesome (also lovely make up and fab shoes).

    I love to look at the details inside the garments so thanks fo those close up shots! I find it really helps me to learn a lot about how to make my own clothes.

  2. Hey Klara! Thanks so much for all your kind comments :o)

    I like to share construction/detail pictures when I can, because I too find it interesting to see how people tackle garment-making!

  3. I love this blouse so much! It is perfect for high-waisted skirts and looks really great on you. And you’re so brave to do topstitching in a contrasting color. Whenever I try to do that, my stitches look too wiggly.

    1. Thank you, I totally agree on the high-waisted front! And honestly, my topstitching wasn’t that great on this project as I was up against a deadline!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous! And those are some serious darts in there. I wasn’t expecting that, it is such a smooth transition to the cropped band. Thanks! for showing the inside.

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