“Barrel coat” re-made

November 25, 2014

Years ago, I made myself a winter coat loosely inspired by a picture I have seen but never found again of a 1950’s Balenciaga barrel coat.

jas1It was never supposed to be a faithful copy. I wanted and made a big collar and a back pleat. I always felt the whole thing had a vintage feel without really belonging in any particular era.

The old coat served me well for many years but has really reached the end of its life by now.

voor2So, I made a new one. The fabric is, of course, quite different and I made some small changes but in all the ways that matter, this should be the same coat.

zijAnd I think it will be. This is such a nice kind of coat, like a cocoon.

You can read more about it, with more pictures and some construction stuff, on my blog

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