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A Fish Trap Tiki Dress

November 2, 2014

It’s just about summer down here in Australia – and that means it’s time to start sewing summer dresses!

I’ve just finished a ‘Design by Clothilde’ pattern 3170, and it’s from 1960 (although I tried my darnedest to make it looks 50s).

And the pattern – isn’t the neckline killer?!

The fabric is an Indigenous Australian design called ‘Fish Traps’, another Babbarra Women’s Centre print from Spotlight. Thank goodness I got it for $7 a meter on sale, as this sucker took five meters! (The fabric was originally $20/m).

I’m in love with these Babbarra prints, they looks really ‘tiki’ in my opinion!

I had to re-size from a 36″ bust to a 40″ bust (and the waist of course), but it worked out fine. I completely lined the bodice and added some side boning for stability.

I also changed the skirt from a pleated circle skirt, to box-pleated skirt cut straight on the grain – the fabric pattern would have looked a bit odd otherwise.

If you’d like to read further, I have more on my blog!


  1. Gorgeous dress, that cross over is a striking but simple design. and that really is a fantastic print. I would love to find something like that over in the Uk.

  2. Oh! That fabric! I love it, and that whole range, and compared to Indigenous print fabric prices in other outlets, even $20pm is fantastically low. I figured Spotlight could offer them a good deal. I love it when other Territorians do well in textiles!
    I’ve just never really thought of anything I’d like to do with the fabrics but wow, really love it in your dress.
    Love the dress pattern too, just in and of itself 🙂

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