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The BEST Pile of 1970s Patterns EVER

October 11, 2014

I drove an hour to an estate sale last weekend expressly for sewing patterns. All because there was a PUCCI pattern that was shown. I am SO glad I went! I ended up buying almost 100 patterns. There were some of the most awesome 70s jumpsuit patterns I’ve ever seen as well as some basic ones. I am keeping some, and letting go of some of the others (a girl can’t keep allllll the patterns, you know). And my biggest problem? Which to sew first!?

  1. OH no don’t let on that there are thread heads looking for vintage patterns at nickel and dime prices the prices will rise keep this info on the down low

  2. What a score! Congrats!! I purchased two large boxes of 60s & 70s patterns last summer (out of the back of a truck. I felt like I was involved in a drug deal). 😉 The collection included a couple of Polynesian Patterns similar to the one you show. I wasn’t familiar with them, but maybe they were more common than I thought “back in the day.” I wonder where people got them when they were new. Anyone know anything about this?

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