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a Little Black Dress

October 12, 2014

This both is and isn’t a retro project… In my opinion, this dress is as close to the quintessential ‘little black dress’ as I can get. And that is so timeless you can’t really consider it a vintage style. And yet it is.

voorAnyway, I made a little black dress. It’s sleeveless, V-necked and pencil-skirted and made from mid-weight black stretch cotton. As usual, I drafted my own pattern.

To suit the style and material, it’s more closely fitted than the majority of things I make (and, because of that stretch, still comfortable).

achterI originally planned to make things to wear with it, like pockets-on-a-belt and a separate peplum. My late 1940’s and early 1950’s magazines are full of stuff like that. However, I’m having second thoughts about such add-ons. The dress is nice with a skinny belt in a contrast colour though. And with just about every cardigan and jacket I own. So, I think it already has enough different looks…

More information and more on my blog.

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