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Vintage Simplicity 6371

September 7, 2014

Last week I tried a pattern that I had just ordered to save shipping costs on Etsy when I ordered another pattern. The cover illustration looks not very interesting but I was in the mood for sewing a blouse and thought that I could just give it a try. It is Simplicity 6371 from the early 80’s and promises a “Fuss Free Fit” – and oh boy, is this true, I am so delighted! I used view 5 with a pin tucked yoke and black trim. I had bought the floral cotton fabric last year at a fabric market in Cologne and thought that this pattern and fabric combined would look like one of my beloved 1970s Jessica’s Gunnies blouses. The pin tucked yoke looks much more complicated to sew than it actually is and I enjoyed sewing it a lot, it was a bit like a crafting smaller objects or doll clothes. The insertion of the collar and sleeves was a dream and the blouse has such a nice and comfortable fit, I am sure that I will make this pattern again and again. Maybe I will try to make my own collar designs? Today I paired the blouse with an actual Jessica’s Gunnies skirt and a hat and we took some pictures of it this afternoon when we took a walk the outskirts of Cologne, the later summer light was so dreamy…

There a few more images on my blog, Draped in Cloudlets.






DSC05704 (1)

  1. It looks wonderful! The illustration on the pattern envelope wouldn’t have jumped out at me. But your choice of fabric, buttons, and trim really makes for a lovely blouse, and it fits so nicely. I’m especially fond of the black ribbon details.

  2. Wow! Your blouse is beautiful. You have styled it so well! I would never have looked at that pattern twice; you brought out it’s potential.

  3. You did a fantastic job! The early 80s produced some really nice patterns. I think a lot of people associate the 80s with the huge shoulder pads, but that came much later. The tuxedo blouse was popular back then and this style is similar. The older patterns have much more detailing and tailoring. Funny how most of today’s patterns would be placed in the “jiffy” category if they were designed back then. Keep up the good work!

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