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Tree Gown in Action

September 20, 2014

Back in the Spring I shared my reproduction of Charles James’ Tree Gown made for the 2014 Toronto Garrison Ball. The ball was at the end of March, but I’ve only just now got photos of the gown – and one I also made for a friend! – in action up on my blog. Just a little bit of a delay there ;oP

I thought I’d share for those who may be interested in seeing what the dress looks like on an actual person rather than my dressform, and get a sense of how it moves – though I do wish I’d gotten a bit of video of its swish.


Hop on over to my blog to see (lots) more photos, from lots more angles, and my friend’s dress too!

  1. That dress is killer. Excellent job on a tough design! I made a Charles James pencil skirt from a 50s mail-order pattern this spring, and even that was challenging! Congratulations and enjoy having that piece of history in your closet!

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