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Now as autumn approaches…

September 20, 2014

…I thought I should make myself a dress to be prepared for dropping temperatures.

The fabric is a slightly stretchy light-yellow polyester-weave. As a pattern I picked this dress from the march 1940 issue of “Beyers Mode für Alle”, on the pattern sheet was also the pattern piece for long sleeves.


I skipped the pockets because I couldn’t see the use of two very narrow pockets getting bulky right between my legs, there are few easier ways to ruin a dress.


I removed a total 14cm underbust-circumference to make the dress fitting as it is now, before the whole bodice part fit very loosely. Another 6cm circumference was removed at bust-height and the upper sleeves. This and a higher hem was all it took to make a 194- pattern look as modern as this 🙂

yes, a ding at the zipper, I see this. But because it will be worn when it is colder I hope enough underskirts will fix it. If not I can still change this.

The length is a little short for 1940, I know. But the dress is so high-necked and well behaved, I thought it needed this length to look less severe, of course the pattern was a good deal longer.



I hope you like it, more pictures and details on my blog,



    1. Thank you! No, I didn’t slim the skirt, but it was curved around the hips, I had to change the side seam into a more straight line. That’s why the zipper has the ding, didn’t change it on this side. But the width at the hem stayed the same

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