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Mad About Plaid! (Vogue 8811, c. 1940)

September 15, 2014

Hands up who loves a good plaid?














When I came across this plaid fabric in my local Spotlight, I knew immediately that it was perfect for Vintage Vogue 8811.









And the dress has my favourite design detail – a pocket!

The Good:
– Everything? I love the drape of the skirt, the fit of the bodice, the fabric. Also, one of my best side zipper insertions.

The Bad:
– nothing

The Meh:
– I think I need to make a further short waist tuck, as it’s probably still a fraction long in the torso. I can live with it though.

– Not using shoulder pads
– Made sure the plaid didn’t make a ‘+’ shape at my bust apex (boobs) as that would look awkward…. Hello girls!

This pattern is super easy, I’d definitely recommend it as a different way to use tartan/plaid fabric.  It’s also a great everyday vintage style, perfect for work.

As always, more about it on my blog…

  1. I have this pattern and have wanted to make it for ages, but can’t find the right fabric. Your version looks fabulous – thanks for inspiring me to keep looking

  2. I agree that looks better than the pattern envelope. Super plaid fabric! I never saw that one at Spotlight! Yes watch out ladies for the + ending up at bust point – same problem with large florals – known as “headlight effect”! Great outfit. I have those shoes too!

  3. I saw that pattern at the store but didn’t look twice at it. After seeing your version, I’ve changed my mind! It looks so lovely on you, and is perfect for that color/size of plaid.

  4. I’ve had this pattern in my “to-do” box for so long and you’ve given me the push I need to get off my can and get busy. I just love it on you!

  5. Wow Bex it’s gorgeous on you. And major respect for what looks like your adept and effortless use of the plaid fabric- something I could never do as a perpetual wannabe. Nice !
    Akron, OH, USA

  6. This is fabulous! I’ve been secretly in love with plaid for the longest time and I’m so glad it’s back in vogue. I’m planning to sew a dress similar to yours soon, you’re an inspiration!

  7. Ack!!! I bought this pattern last month (I stumbled across an awesome sell on Vogue Pattern’s website!) – but the plaid illustration on it is what made me fall in love! I absolutely adore it in the plaid you’ve chosen and am so glad to read a post about it (made sure the “=” weren’t at the apex… GOOD point)! Okay… I’m headed out to find some plaid fabric, pronto!

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