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2 Frocks From Just Under 4 Yards!

September 10, 2014


3 3/4 to be precise! I saw this fabric at the shop and bought the bolt because I thought I liked it more than I did. With my hair color I can’t go wrong with navy anyhow!

Well, I made four frocks with the first several yards for custom orders (and they loved them, boy did they!) and with the rest of it I decided to make myself a couple of “practice” articles with patterns that I drafted. The first one I made was the shirtwaist that only took me an hour to draft and a couple of hours to make. It has buttons going down the entire front (a feature that I’ve always loved and shall never tire of ).  I made plenty of gathers at the shoulders to apparently broaden them and make the waist look more narrow. A great success, I look rather splendid in it (if I might say).

Blue4 blue5 blue6

The second frock is a maternity frock seeing as I am now nearly six months along. No, I’m not going to model either of them. I made some bias and put it on the front going around the back. It actually does open in the front where the button is. This was a fun change to the typical left side closure.

Blue blue2 blue3 It has quite an oriental look until I put it on, then it really looks 1933.  And bobs your uncle!

I must say though that this one I did not design and draft, it was a pattern for a house frock I’ve had for quite some time.

Thanks for having a look!             -Krystle!


  1. I love the fabric!! The first dress is absolutely lovely, and the second turned out really nicely as well. I’m determined to make myself a few more vintage maternity pieces next time around.

    1. Thanks very much! I don’t put much effort into maternity clothes because even after the wee one comes they’re still maternity to me so they go out out out the door! I would buy them but I’ve not been clothes shopping for nearly 8 years and I just can’t bring myself to do it now. Just can’t!
      Thanks again for the compliments!

  2. beautiful dresses, it was only when i had a closer look (and after reading you called it a house dress) at the illustration that i realised the lady is not holding a snooker cue, but a broom! both lovely.

    1. Haha that’s really made me burst out laughing! It does look like that!
      I had a friend who was looking through my hoard of patterns and when she came across that one she was disgusted at the fact that it was a broom.

  3. both are fantastic! you’ve done a great job squeezing out two dresses! Gosh i’d be lucky to make maybe a dress and a skirt! lovely work

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