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1938 pattern

September 10, 2014

IMG_2499IMG_2492IMG_2497Finished dress! This one took me a month because I hated working on it. I put a lot of detail into it and I swore it would never end. I am so happy it’s finally done. From a 1938 pattern. Fabric is a stretch poplin, buttons are vintage glass.

  1. I think it was well worth finishing! I really know how you feel when you’ve been working on something that takes longer than assumed to finish it and you just get sick of the sight of it!
    It’s exceedingly lovely and the trim is swell!
    -Krystle! 1930slife.blogspot.com

  2. Looking at it up close on the photographs it looks like trmendous amount of work went into it! I think it paid off, though, don’t you? It’s gorgeous, I’d wear it all the time.

  3. You guys are so nice! IT was just one of those dresses that I had budgeted a week for, and instead, it took longer. By four weeks! I am new to piping, so that took a while, and the soutache on the bottom was a bit of a nightmare. I do love the dress, and I do love sewing. I just got tired of looking at this on my dress form for way too long!!!

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