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Not-a-Gum-Drop Skirt

August 24, 2014

Despite my fears about gathered skirts turning out shaped exactly like gum drops, I finally took on the most basic of basic skirts this summer. A friend got me this gorgeous fabric that just screamed to be made into a late 50s, early 60s border print skirt, and when fabric screams, I try to listen.

It turned out much better than my highest hopes! I now have a strangely practical bright purple skirt that really just feels lovely. It’s so beautifully simple, just a couple of self-drafted (if you can call it that) rectangles to the appropriate dimensions. There’s more info and pictures on my blog here, if you’re curious.

  1. It’s a lovely skirt. I understand what you wrote about the fear for gathered skirts, but I’ve had the same experience: once you try it out, the gathered skirt usually far exceeds your expectations. And obviously, a lovely border print fabric like yours is just asking to become a gathered skirt…

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