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Glorious in Green

August 8, 2014

Favourite dress alert!!!

2014-08-02 18.01.54

I often find myself torn between making something practical that I know I will get a lot of wear out of, and making something pretty, that I might only get to wear on odd occasions but boy do I love it!

Normally the pretty wins.

2014-08-02 18.00.52

However, other than being a little hooty in the breast-icle region, I don’t see why this dress can’t be reasonably everyday wearable.  It does work well without the underskirt, making it more practical, but that is no fun!

2014-08-02 18.01.56

A few pattern details:

I used the bodice from New Look 6002 (my ultimate go to pattern for bodices) View C

I used the waistband from the same pattern but widened it a little so it covers my belly a bit more.

I drafted my own gathered circle skirt (had just enough fabric once I had squeezed it all on!)

The bodice is fully lined with white cotton from a bed sheet – cheap and cheerful 😀

I used some navy blue ribbon as piping around the top and bottom of the waistband to break up the pattern of the fabric.

 New 6002 pattern

Now yes, I know this isn’t a vintage pattern, and looking at the cover it doesn’t particularly scream vintage either. However, I use this sooo often for my vintage inspired creations. It is my ultimate go-to pattern that I find myself returning to over and over again. I have only ever used the skirt part of this pattern once or twice I think but I have attempted every bodice variation. I find that when I team these bodices with a gathered or full circle skirt it gives the whole creation a completely different feel, just enough of a vintage vibe for people to notice, but not so much I feel I am in fancy dress. Perfect for work for example or a more relaxed weekend.

I already have another version of the exact same dress on my mannequin as we speak. I really need to broaden my horizons and try my hand at some different patterns.

I just find sometimes that I worry a new pattern won’t work out as I want it to and I would feel like I had wasted all that time, so I might as well stick to what I know works.

This is a stupid way to think.

Tell me I’m stupid!

I need pattern recommendations people – tried and tested and oh so vintage-esque. 

Help me please! 

And for more pictures please pop over to the blog HERE. 

  1. Oh, this is so pretty! Love your combination of the bodice with that skirt. Super cute!

    If you find that New Look-patterns work for you, I think that New Look 6824 works well for a vintage inspired looks as well, also New Look 6776 is great for this, but I see from your previous posts that you´ve already tried this. 🙂

    Otherwise I guess, the best tip I have for using actual vintage patterns from the 1950´s is that they often are designed for a larger bosom, which means I usually don´t have to make a FBA on them. 🙂 Just for the record, I don´t have to make a FBA on those NL- patterns either, although I do need to do that on most anything else.

    Good luck!

    1. Aaah yes, New Look 6776 is a new favourite of mine and rather versatile. Thanks for the suggestion of New Look 6824, it does look to be something of a useful pattern, I will be looking into it for sure 😀

      Useful tip about vintage patterns also, I haven;t had to try a FBA yet and am a little scared of doing to to be honest. I will be sticking to patterns that don’t require it I think 😀

  2. Aha! I recongnise this idea. I had the exact same one myself and have bought 6002 pattern on the strength of the bodice variations, looks really good. I have ready made dress which has this exact design and I love it. Love the fact that it’s FB friendly! I would hate to have to do any major adjustments on that pleated front. I feel quite inspired having seen this, I think it will get done this summer.

    1. more patterns should be made with bodice variations I think. They are so useful!! you are the second person to mention how FB friendly it is. I have never thought of it before but you are completely right! I do love as pattern that takes curvy ladies into consideration!
      looking forward to seeing your variation

  3. Oh. My. Gosh! That is aDORable! On sewing the same things because they’re safe, I completely understand. When I try a new pattern, I try to keep the attitude, “It’s not about how it turns out, it’s about what you learn doing it.”

  4. Stay with what works for you. I am on a sewing binge and trying different patterns, using up fabrics that have been stashed away. Some work and some don’t. I just got done with a long dress using a 1995 pattern. I had to do some extra things to the shirt/jacket just to make it more up to date. I guess I ought to put it on my blog. Maybe I will.

    You are doing such a nice job of sewing. Keep it up; we all like the inspiration that you give us.

    1. you are being a very good sewer with your sewing binge. The sewing world will be proud of you 😀 You should put your project on your blog indeed (what is the link?). I agree though, patterns that work for me just don’t push the right buttons for others, and vice versa. it is just about finding what works and making the most of it.
      Thank you for your words of encouragement 😀

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