First post and Practice “Tubs!”

August 27, 2014

I love it when my practice sewing endeavors turn out all right! I’ve had this pattern for ages and am just now getting around to making it. Terrible, yes. Now I know I want to make more in many other fabrics beside this lovely coral linen.

This pattern is called, “Tubs” the Tie-on washable hat. I believe it’s 1933 but I can’t be certain, for my pattern is a little bit tattered. It only took me a few hours in total and mainly because of the very careful stitch detail (yes, sometimes I am a perfectionist even with prototypes).


The stitch detailing is in a darker more orange coral and I wish it could be seen a bit better.

Tubs4The Brim is interlined with same fabric and interfaced with a light weight crinoline.

Tubs3 I think because it was so easy to make I’ll make a few more and put them on my Etsy shop for sale!   Tubs3

Tubs2    It was a gas to make. Small things always are because you can have a new addition to your wardrobe in only a few hours! Cut it outta scraps, sew it up pressing along the way, put it on and bobs your uncle!



  1. Wonderful. I have this same pattern and made it once, but it didn’t turn out as nicely as yours. The color is lovely on you. You’ve inspired me to try again. I was hoping to put the pattern pieces on my site for download, but am having a hard time with showing them properly.

    Thanks for sharing this project. It’s amazing!

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