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Beautiful 1950s Vogue patterns

August 20, 2014

I purchased 5 beautiful 1950s Vogue patterns last week. I received them in the post this morning and I just had to shareย them with you all.

Vogue 458

Vogue 458








Vogue 274

Vogue 274








Vogue 231

Vogue 321








Vogue 638

Vogue 638








Vogue 1205

Vogue 1205








Yes, Vogue 1205 is a Schiaparelli pattern. Ahhhh! I own a Schiaparelli pattern!!!!!!! It didn’t cost me a fortune and it’s in my size!

As far as I can see patterns 458, 321 and 638 are not yet included in the Vintage Pattern Wiki, so I will add them when I get a chance.

I got these patterns for an absolute steal compared to what they would go for on etsy. They are all my size too!

I purchased these patterns to use them, so to avoid them being added to my stash and never actually made, I will make these up over the next 12 months. As I don’t have a blog, I will post the results here for anyone who is interested.

  1. Oh my… These are so stunning!
    I only ever bought vintage patterns here in the Netherlands (where they are most affordable) but I know designer Vogues were always a top range. And can get ridiculously expensive. You’re so lucky to have found them at a reasonably price and in your size!
    They are all gorgeous but I especially like the slim red one and the Schiaparelli.
    And please post the results of your work with these fabulous patterns here. Of course, I’m interested and I’m sure other people are as well.

    1. Hi Tam,

      It’s then end of winter where I live so I’ll make the coat first. I’d hate to have to wait until next winter to be able to get any use out of it.

      I will have to find occasions to wear the gowns to. I might give them a more casual look with the right fabric choice but I’ll go all out for Vogue 458.

  2. These are amazing, if you need any help sewing them up, or will consider letting me trace off one or two, please contact me

  3. Please make those up! I wish people who have these rare patterns would take a trace-off for themselves then re-sell them to get them back into circulation so more can benefit. You might want to offer them to Vogue for re-issue.

  4. I am so green with envy right now…if you dont get to make them up you should at least put them somewhere you can seethem i have all mine in boxes nd i want to cover the walls with them ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. They are wonderful and I do look forward to seeing what you do with them. I think I have a Schaparelli pattern somewhere (and I know I have a scarf or two …)

  6. Wow! I was away when this was first posted, but in case you didn’t see the Vintage Pattern Wiki edits, Vogue Couturier 231 and 274 are late 1930s — *very* hard to find. Can’t wait to see your versions!
    p.s. I can send along the 1938 Vogue magazine image I found for 231, just email me ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hiya! Did you manage to make any?
    I’ve just started Vogue 274, which is from 1939. It’s beautiful and fits so nicely!
    I’ll probably write a post about it, if you’re interested….
    Ahhhhhh, beautiful Vintage!
    X Caro’

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