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A Tuscany Summer Dress (Vogue 8789, c. 1957)

August 3, 2014

I was really lucky and found some amazing 1950’s border print cotton (from Stella Dallas in New York), and knew that I had to do something a bit daring. I wanted to really emphasise the stripes, and the diagonal version of Vogue 8789 seemed perfect.













Initially I was really scared when I was cutting up the fabric – no going back to get more from the store… The printed cotton seems to be farmers in Tuscany (I think?), lots of sheep, fields and manor houses.

















The pattern is very easy, although I do recommend making a muslin of the bodice first – the bias allows a lot of ease. I ended up cutting a 16 bust and waist – normally I’d taper out to an 18-20 at the waist.











I normally only use vintage/repro patterns from the late 1930s to early 1950s – so making a style from 1957 was a bit outside my normal comfort zone.

If you’d like to read more about it, I have a post on my blog here
















Thanks for letting me share!


  1. Beautiful dress! I am so glad you kept the length longer . So many times people shorten these vintage styles and they never really look visually balanced. Yours is just right.

  2. Oh my goodness this is FANTASTIC! I have the same pattern myself but have been a bit intimidated by it since I hear it has some fitting issues. Seeing your finished dress, however, I’m absolutely inspired to make a stripe-y version myself! It definitely flatters you!

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