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Scallop Flutter Dress

July 16, 2014

Hi all – I’m back!

It’s been both a busy and rough year for me so far, however now I’m back to creating on a much more regular basis.

This is my newest self-drafted retro-inspired piece. I’m totally in love with the print! I also integrated sort of a cap sleeve/capelet feel into the yoke by doing a drop shoulder technique with the patternmaking part.

I was also really excited that the Ford Galaxie was there in my neighborhood. Someone who lives there must own it since it’s always parked on the same street.

As always, you can see more detail photos on the blog. I don’t want to be a hog and take up too much room! <3

  1. Deb, if you look in the ‘this post was written by’ that has the authors name, info and links to their posts and their website or blog.

    Nicole, Awesome dress! It looks great and the scallop detail works really well. I <3 it when there's cool cars around; our neighbor has a vintage truck that we covet.

    1. Huh. I never noticed the bio box before. I was clicking on her name at the TOP of the post which brings up all her posts. O.o LOL Thanks Pepper!

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