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July 10, 2014

Okay So i am making these cute little shorts, not sure if there retro isn or not but they are adorable.

Well I cut out the patten and figured out my size, and i’m stumped about this part of the pattern. I’ve made lots of bloomers for a show once but they never had a fly extension. And this pattern is not making it easy to decode and the instructions are useless…

Thats the pattern piece i am stuck on, any help would amazing.


    1. Actually I’m gonna try to leave out the zipper. I have floral stretch denim, and coral stretch sateen for pockets and hip yokes. So I’m thinking with the buttoned top I might be able to shimmy into them lol. Or I’ll do an invisible. Zipper but in the back!

  1. I’m sure it’s a fly extension. Looking at the pattern piece, I suspect Burda has drawn both the stitching line for the zipper and the fly extension, all in all the sizes the pattern comes in. Which just gives you way too many lines around center front. And I agree that the shape of the extension is a bit unusual.
    If you are not planning on making a fly front, you can just cut the extension off. Just make sure you leave seam allowance along the center front line (this being a Burdastyle pattern, I assume seam allowance is included. Although it’s an early on, so maybe not. Be sure to check before cutting)

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